International Conference

International Workshop on Tropical Marine Environmental Changes


As a global ocean heat reservoir, Indo-Pacific warm pool is the key region for vigorous exchange of substance and energy in the worldoceans and its large thermal inertia has an important influence for climate change in East Asia. Indo-pacific warm poolis not only the important sourceregion for the many climate variabilities, including the East Asian Monsoonabnormal activity and the kinetics of low frequency wave train, but also the bridge for East Asia Monsoon activity. The later is affected by Tropical Indian Ocean and the Eastern Pacific, and it is directly linked to the drought, flood and typhoon disasters in China and regulates the global climate change.

Since 2001, a series of international conferences on the Tropical Marine Environmental changes began and continued every other year, advocated by Academician Yeli YUAN and Prof. Ping SHI. To date, the conference has been successfully held nine times and is well-known in the scientific community. The conference has provided a communication platform for the scientists all over the world who are engaged in the study of the equatorial Pacific and Indian Oceans, South China Sea and adjacent tropical marine environment.