LTO学术报告 2020-07



1、A new perspective of the 2014/15 failed el Ni?o as seen from ocean salinity
报告人:池建伟 助理研究员

报告简介:This study investigates the 2014/15 failed El Ni?o using salinity from an ocean general circulation
model. The results indicate that subsurface processes were especially strong in the summer of 2014 and they led to positive sea surface salinity anomalies in the central equatorial Pacific. The positive sea surface salinity anomalies induced a westward displacement of the sea surface salinity front that represents the eastern boundary of the western Pacific warm pool, preventing the warm surface water from shifting eastward as seen in a typical El Ni?o event. In the meantime, more salty water was transported equatorward by a strengthening subtropical cell in the South Pacific. The enhanced subsurface processes in the central equatorial Pacific conveyed the salinity anomalies of subtropical origin to the sea surface and were largely responsible for the sea surface salinity variability but had less impacts on sea surface temperature during the 2014/15 failed El Ni?o, suggesting some potential advantage of ocean salinity in the el Ni?o-southern oscillation prediction.

2、Variations of the North Equatorial Current Bifurcation and the SSH in the Western Pacific Associated With El Ni?o Flavors
报告人:童波 博士研究生

报告简介:北赤道流分叉点(North Equatorial Current Bifurcation)影响着西太平洋大尺度海洋环流,如黑潮(Kuroshio Current),棉兰老流(Mindanao Current)以及印度洋与太平洋间的印尼贯穿流(Indonesian Throughflow),进而影响着全球海洋以及气候系统。 利用海洋同化资料以及约化重力模式,分析了Canonical El Nino、Central Pacific-I (CP-I) El Nino和 Central Pacific-II (CP-II) El Nino发展年秋季,北赤道流分叉点的响应变化和机制。研究发现Canonical El Nino与CP-II El Nino发展年秋季,受风应力遥强迫的影响,分叉点位置北移;而在CP-I El Nino发展年秋季,在菲律宾东部存在显著的风应力旋度负异常,在局地引起海表高度正异常,与CP-I El Nino遥强迫造成的影响相抵消,使得分叉点位置没有明显变化。该研究较细致的描述了北赤道流分叉点对El Nino多样性的响应,有助于理解El Nino多样性对全球气候环境的影响。
主 持 人: 陈洁鹏 副研究员,梁长荣 助理研究员


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