报告人谢尚平,加州大学圣迭戈分校(UCSD)Scripps海洋研究所Roger Revelle讲席教授。在Science, Nature等国际学术刊物发表学术论文近400篇,近年连续入选世界高被引用学者(SCI Highly-Cited Researcher),h指数为99(Google Scholar)。 2016年入选美国地球物理学会会士。2017年获美国气象学会斯维尔德鲁普金质奖章(Sverdrup Gold Medal),是首位获得该奖的华人科学家,该奖为海洋-大气相互作用领域的世界最高学术奖。


主持人王春在 研究员


报告简介: The South China Sea is a marginal sea between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Below 100 m, it’s connected to the Pacific only through the Luzon Strait. How does this connection affect its climate? The South China Sea is situated in the broad Asian summer monsoon system, but is it more like the Indian or western Pacific in the evolution of the monsoon? What about the interannual variability? By exploring these identity issues, we aim to probe the role the South China Sea plays in the coupled warm pool-monsoon system, its variability and change.



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