"Ocean Dynamics and Multi - Scaled Variability" Chinese education course notice

 On December 19 to 21, 2018, the state key laboratory of tropical Marine environment will be held in guangzhou "Ocean Dynamics and Multi - ScaledVariability" course, the course for the continued education of the Chinese academy of sciences.Professor qiu bo from the university of Hawaii was invited to teach the course.This course provides an opportunity for researchers and postgraduates to understand the cutting-edge international dynamics of Marine dynamics and multi-scale process variation, and builds a platform for discussion and communication with internationally renowned oceanographic experts, so as to improve the research interest of domestic researchers and postgraduates in Marine dynamics and their ability of scientific research innovation.
I. course time
December 19, 2018 - December 21, 2018
Ii. Main content of the course
1. Fundamentals of wind-drivencirculation -- western boundary vs interior
2. Multiple equilibria, recirculationgyre & Kuroshio large meanders
Baroclinic and barotropic waveadjustment -- NEC bifurcation
4. The Baroclinic instability - SubtropicalCountercurrent
5. Barotropic instability -- NECC/SECCshear instability
6. Mesoscale eddies: characteristics androles
7. Eddy - mean flow interaction
8. From mesoscales to submeoscales
Three, the location of the class
Lecture hall, 6th floor, specimen building, south China sea institute of oceanology, Chinese academy of sciences
Zhao di Tel: 020-89023184 Email: zhaodi@scsio.ac.cn
Wang liying Tel: 13430371049 Email: wangliying@scsio.ac.cn