Research Directions

1.  South China SeaSCS Circulation and Meso- & Small-Scale Physical Processes Regional Climate Research

1Dynamic Mechanism of SCS Typical Meso-Scale Physical Processes.

2Interaction of SCS Western Boundary Current and Meso- &Small-Scale Physical Processes.

3Comparative Analysis of Typical Dynamic Characteristics between SCS Circulation and Ocean Circulation.

4Key Technology of Hydrological Security in SCS and Adjacent Regions.


2.  Tropical Ocean-Air Processes and Climate Effects

1Thermohaline Distribution in Tropical Indian Ocean-SCSand its relations with Circulation Variation in Indian Ocean-Pacific Large Scale.

2Evoluting Mechanism of the Tropical Regions Thermodynamics Feedback and Climate Mode.

3Global Climate Change and Regional Climate Response of the Tropical Ocean.


3.  Environmental Effects of Physical Processes in the Tropical Ocean

1SCS Ecological Environment Characteristics and Evolution.

2Meso- & Small-Scale Physics-Chemistry-Biology Coupling Mechanism in Tropical Ocean.

3New Techniques and Methods in Marine Environmental Elements Observation