The south China sea institute of oceanology, Chinese academy of sciences announced the recruitment of the third batch of scientific research posts in 2018

 Established in January 1959, the south China sea institute of oceanology (nanhai oceanographic institute) of the Chinese academy of sciences (cas) is a national comprehensive oceanographic research institution.In early 2018, it was approved to establish the south China sea ecological and environmental engineering innovation institute of the Chinese academy of sciences.At present, there are 620 employees, including 105 senior staff and 190 graduate tutors.It has trained and introduced 2 academicians of the Chinese academy of engineering, 5 candidates of the "ten thousand plan", 3 candidates of the national hundred and ten million talents project, 11 winners of the national outstanding youth fund, 6 winners of the national outstanding youth fund, 17 distinguished researchers of the Chinese academy of sciences, and 1 scientific and technological innovation "crossover and cooperation team" of the Chinese academy of sciences.It has the first level doctor degree granting program in Marine science, environmental science and engineering and the first level postdoctoral mobile station in Marine science.
This paper focuses on the study of the ocean-hydrosphere-geosphere-biosphere sphere structure and its interaction characteristics and evolution rules in the tropical marginal sea, discusses its control and influence on the formation of resources and environmental changes, and develops the theoretical system and application technology of tropical Marine resources and environmental processes with characteristics of the south China sea.To ecological security and green development, the sea - land - gas interaction and environmental safety, marginal sea and oceanic plate interaction and reef engineering environment protection as a strategic theme, focus on ecological civilization and national defense construction, strive to make breakthroughs in sea frontier science problem and key technology, strive to build the international level of tropical Marine scientific research, personnel training, achievement transfer into three highland, and for the development of Marine economy in China and maintain the basic, strategic and forward-looking contributions to maritime rights and interests.
Key disciplines: tropical Marine environmental dynamics and ecological processes, marginal sea geological evolution and oil and gas resources, sustainable utilization and ecological protection of tropical Marine biological resources, Marine environmental observation system and its key technologies.
State key laboratory of tropical Marine environment, Chinese academy of sciences key laboratory of marginal sea and ocean geological (with guangzhou to build), key laboratory of tropical Marine biological resources and ecology, Chinese academy of sciences, Marine microorganisms research center, Chinese academy of sciences, the south China sea reefs comprehensive research center of Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences, China - Sri Lanka joint science and education center (overseas) application in guangdong province and guangdong province key laboratory of Marine drugs, Marine biology key laboratory, of guangdong key laboratories on the ocean remote sensing, hainan tropical Marine biological technology key laboratory and the Marine environment engineering center and so on.Integrated with daya bay Marine biological experiment stations (national field test station and the Chinese ecosystem research network "" CERN station), hainan tropical Marine biological experiment stations (national field test station and the Chinese ecosystem research network" "CERN station) economic animal experiment stations, shantou, zhanjiang ocean Marine plant experiment stations, nansha and xisha deep sea Marine environment observation station deep sea Marine environment observation station.There are three large oceanographic research ships named "experimental 1", "experimental 2" and "experimental 3", as well as a 115-meter-long freshwater dock that can be supported by three ships for a long time. The ship is under construction.It also has a public service center for instruments and equipment, a Marine environment testing center, a south China sea Marine biota library and a Marine information service center.At present, the south China sea institute of oceanography is leading the establishment of the south China sea ecological and environmental engineering innovation institute under the Chinese academy of sciences, jointly with 24 institutes including guangzhou institute of energy and south China botanical garden.Guangdong provincial laboratory of Marine science and engineering (guangzhou) is to be established jointly with 50 institutions including guangzhou Marine geological survey of the ministry of natural resources.
According to the overall deployment of the talent work strategic planning of our institute and the research development needs of our institute, we plan to recruit relevant professional and technical talents from home and abroad (the graduates in 2019 will not be included in this recruitment plan). The recruitment plan and matters needing attention for scientific research positions are as follows:
I. recruitment principles
In accordance with the principles of "openness, equality, competition and merit-based", the positions shall be published, the recruitment shall be open, the posts shall be competitive and the merit-based employment shall be selected.
Ii. Recruitment conditions
1. Have good professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility and abide by the law;Team work spirit, work hard, strong organizational discipline, can strictly abide by the rules and regulations.
2. Love Marine science and have experience or potential in Marine scientific observation and research.
3. Have a doctor's degree, major in or engaged in the same major as the position in need, and have relevant research experience.Healthy and under 35 years old.
Iii. Registration requirements
The registration time is November 1, 2018 solstice December 31, 2018 (subject to the receipt of the application form and other materials).
The applicant should provide the following materials and send them to The email subject is competition platform + name, such as LTO+ zhang SAN:
1. Personal application (resume and application form for post competition of south China sea institute of oceanology, Chinese academy of sciences).
2. Copies of id card, education background and degree certificates.
3. Other relevant supplementary materials.
Iv. Matters needing attention
1. Within the time specified in the recruitment announcement, candidates shall log on the recruitment bulletin board of the south China sea institute of oceanology to learn about the recruitment position and relevant conditions in detail.
2. Applicants shall ensure the authenticity of the information provided. If the applicant is disqualified due to his/her inaccurate information or his/her failure to meet the recruitment requirements and post requirements, he/she shall be responsible for it.
3. Implement to avoid regulations, anyone who has the relationship with this unit the leadership, lineal blood relationship, collateral relative by blood within three generations, artificial blood relatives or closely related by marriage to apply for personnel, shall not apply for the secretary of this unit, personnel, finance, discipline inspection jobs, as well as the relationship between the leading personnel have direct supervisor leadership posts.
V. interview and defense
The employing department shall conduct screening and qualification examination, and the qualified personnel shall participate in the interview and defense in the south China sea institute of oceanology.Specific matters such as the specific time and form of recruitment will be notified to the applicant by mail.Those who fail to pass the primary will not be informed for interview.
The interview and defense shall be conducted in the form of scoring. The score shall be ranked from high to low. The personnel with the same number as the position recruited shall be determined.The physical examination standards shall refer to the general physical examination standards for public recruiters in public institutions.In case of disqualification of physical examination or abandonment of employment qualification due to personal reasons, it shall be made up from the highest to the lowest according to the total score of the examination.
Vi. Employment management
The probation period is one year.Salary, insurance and welfare shall be subject to the relevant regulations of the state and the academy of sciences on public institutions, as well as the rules and regulations of the institute.
Vii. Contact information
Contact department: personnel education department
Contact number: 020-89137294
Contact person: Mr. Chen
Supervision department: supervision and audit department
Contact number: 020-89023127
Contact person: Mr. Yan
Mailing address: 164 xingang west road guangzhou 510301
Attachment: 1. Application form for post competition of south China sea institute of oceanology, Chinese academy of sciences
2. The south China sea institute of oceanology, Chinese academy of sciences plans to recruit the third batch of scientific research posts in 2018
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Nanhai institute of personnel education
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