The state key laboratory for tropical Marine environment (LTO) has made important breakthroughs in Marine diffusion theory

Recently, Dr. Qian yukun, a member of peng shiqiu's research team at the state key laboratory of tropical Marine environment (LTO) of the south China sea research institute of the Chinese academy of sciences, made an important breakthrough in the theory of Marine diffusion.Is the first to use Lagrange and effective diffusion in theory to unify perfectly related results have been published online in Physical ocean top professional journals Journalof Physical Oceanography on JPO ( - D - 18-0251.1) irreversible mixed diffusion is caused by sea water mass degenerationMaintain ocean flow of meridional overturning the key physical processes, the ocean circulation model simulation and forecast level has important influence on despite many different eddy diffusion current definition and diagnosis methods, but the results from different methods not only have greater differences in size and spatial distribution, also cannot reflect the local instantaneous irreversible mixing process and lead to mixed parameterization scheme based on these definitions bring ocean circulation model (error) in particular, a lot of uncertainty of Lagrange and effective diffusion these two basic definition and the essential difference between intrinsic relationship has long been blurred;Despite many attempts by scholars, the relationship between the two has not been clarified theoretically