The third youth ocean power BBS was held in nansha, guangzhou

 By the state key laboratory of tropical Marine environment (south China sea institute of academy of sciences) (hereinafter referred to as the "heavy" LTO countries) and jointly organized by the Hong Kong university of science and technology of the third young Marine dynamic BBS "under professor Huang Ruixin convened jointly with jp gan professor, on April 12 to 14, 2019 in guangzhou nansha district fok ying tung research institute at Hong Kong university of science and technology, LTO the heavy dream in director attended and delivering, Chinese academy of sciences of the south China sea by secco rules at the tzu chi, deputy director of the meeting.25 the forefront of ocean dynamics related report respectively from fudan university, professor wang Wu Jiaxue professor of zhongshan university, xiamen university professor and Dr Lin Hongyang zhi-yu liu, ocean university of China professor xiao-pei Lin, Dr Zheng-guang zhang, Dr Cheung chi, Xu Fanghua professor of tsinghua university, Dr. Lee, Ph.D., professor ailin Shanghai jiaotong university, hohai university professor Cheng Xuhua, ri, a professor of guangdong ocean university professor hsieh ll, professor wang lei, the second institute of Marine natural resources Chen Shuangling, Ph.D., a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences institute of Marine zhen-hua xu, Dr Liu zhiqiang south university of science and technology, the Hong Kong university of science and technology, Dr Cai ZhongyaLTO wang xin, feng Yang, jing zhiyou, Chen xengxin, lu zhimin, qian yukun and Chen zhiwu.Professor xu jingping from south university of science and technology attended the meeting.The academic report still maintains the tradition advocated by the first BBS: it is not the presentation of research results, but the reflection of the latest research. Each PPT does not exceed 5 pages, and the report can be interrupted and questioned at any time.We hope to break through the bottleneck and difficulty in research through more communication and discussion.In recent years, China's oceanography has ushered in a good period of vigorous development. We hope that this series of BBS can become a seeder for Marine dynamics research, inspire and encourage more young Marine science researchers to actively engage in the road of scientific research and innovation, bearing the hope of the older generation of scientists and constantly climbing despite difficulties.The fourth session of youth Marine power BBS will be jointly hosted by xiamen university and LTO. We expect more young lovers of Marine science to communicate and discuss with each other on this platform, so as to generate more sparks of ideas.