Professor chan chung-leung and professor chow man of city university of Hong Kong were invited to visit the state key laboratory of tropical Marine environment (LTO)

On May 18, 2019, city university of Hong Kong professors Chen zhongliang and zhou wen were invited to the state key laboratory of tropical Marine environment (LTO) for academic exchange.The forum was attended by LTO director wang chun-jae, china-sri Lanka center director wang dongxiao, deputy director wang weiqiang, wang xin and others.Researcher wang chun introduced the basic situation of guozhong room and researcher wang dongxiao introduced the operation of china-sri Lanka center.Wang qiang, Wickramage and peng qihua then demonstrated their work on the interaction and dynamic processes of the ocean.Professor Chen zhongliang and professor zhou wen had an in-depth and extensive exchange and discussion on the issues involved in the report
Professor Chen Zhongliang is "innovation team in the state administration of foreign experts affairs of the Chinese academy of sciences international partnership project" one of the overseas experts, he received a doctor's degree at Colorado state university in the United States, and successively in the proceedings of the national research center and postdoctoral researcher, and as a lecturer in 1989 began working in the city university of Hong Kong, now the school chief professor of atmospheric sciences, Guy Carpenter, director of the center for Asia Pacific climate impact.He founded the school's energy and urban environment institute and served as its director from 2009 to 2015.From 2002 to 2008, professor Chen zhongliang was director of the Shanghai typhoon research institute under the national meteorological administration.Professor Chen zhongliang is an internationally renowned expert in the study of typhoons and monsoons. His recent research interests include the relationship between global warming and typhoon activities and issues related to tropical cyclones and monsoon climate.
Prof. Zhou wen, currently at the faculty of energy and environment, city university of Hong Kong, is an overseas member of the LTO laboratory/foreign affairs bureau innovation international team project "multi-scale dynamic process of tropical ocean circulation".Professor zhou wen is mainly engaged in the research on the mechanism of monsoon variation and the causes of extreme weather and climate disasters. He has carried out a series of in-depth basic researches on the relationship between east Asian monsoon anomalies and ENSO, as well as the causes of seasonal oscillation, summer monsoon outbreak, water vapor transport, drought and flood disasters and typhoon activity anomalies.