LTO 学术报告2019-46




报告题目:ENSO Diversity and Asymmetry: What is Fundamental?

报 告 人:Raghu Murtugudde (Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science , Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center , University of Maryland)       

主 持 人:王春在 研究员 


时    间:2019年10月30日(星期三)下午14:30

地    点:南海所2号楼1201会议室



ENSO has been studied extensively and yet many of the fundamental processes remain a mystery. ENSO diversity is now a focus of many studies but the role of the recharge-discharge processes in the different ENSO flavours are yet to be deconoveld. There is some evidence that the onset of discharge occurs for all flavours of ENSO although the processes that trigger the onset of discharge are not fully understood. The role of stochastic forcing has now been accepted and may have a role to play in ENSO asymmetry; i.e., the occurrence of much stronger El Ni?os than La Ni?as. This talk will discuss some of these issues in the context of tropical climate modes that interact with ENSO.